Scenario Storyboards

The Problem
A large, local technology company needed a robust and versatile library of scenario illustrations for worldwide, third-party use. The library needed to express four ethnographically specific environments.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the illustrator tasked with the work was only able to complete the characters and not the large number of environments and supporting elements. Because the characters were to be created separate from the environments, keeping harmonious angles between the two was going to be a challenge.

My Action
Without the luxury of extra time or resources to finish the library I had to get creative with the tools available. Drawing on my past experiences with 3D and design tools I was able to develop a process for quickly and efficiently completing the task. In addition to creating the bulk of the artwork myself, I managed and directed contractor resources to assist in the work.

The Result
Over 45 interior scenes, 10 exterior scenes, and 50 supporting appliances and devices were produced and delivered to spec and on time. The client was thrilled with the results.